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Submitted on
November 2, 2013


290 (who?)

Huge GIVEAWAY! 25+ Arts,1200Points/PMs! CLOSED!!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 2, 2013, 4:27 AM

That's right, the giveaway is now closed, and the winners will be selected shortly!:la:
With 305+ entrants, I'm very satisfied of how it's been doing. Stay tuned to see the winners!:la:

    Giveaway Prizes!! -CLOSED

This giveaway offers exactly 27 arts and 3 prizes in points or PMs, offered by me, the manager of the giveaway we could say (:giggle:) and other 14 artists friends of mine.

This is the list of the prizes which will be given to winners selected, in exactly this order:

1 --- xiii-wings --- Traditional watercolour picture
2 --- Aurora-Silver --- Digital picture cell shaded with simple BG
3 --- CuBur --- Digital half body
4 --- DeeRazzy --- Digital single character full body cell shaded
5 --- DelusionalPuffball --- Headshot lineart
6 --- SerenityAme --- Digital headshot sketch
7 --- Ghimeopta --- Sketchy lineart full body, only female
8 --- Hanna-Riikka --- Traditional full body picture
9 --- leonardoselbach --- Digitally coloured bust OR waist picture
10 --- Lilith-the-5th --- Digital bust painting, single character
11 --- Varian-Jackson --- Picture traditional sketch coloured digitally
12 --- Rayne430 --- Custom wallpaper OR colouring of a lineart
13 --- Sorelliena --- Pencil traditional headshot
14 --- Fenrir--the-2nd --- Speedpaint coloured bust
15 --- strxbe --- Coloured digital bust
16 --- Ghimeopta --- Sketchy lineart bust, only female
17 --- Hanna-Riikka --- Traditional half body
18 --- leonardoselbach --- Inked bust OR waist picture
19 --- Lilith-the-5th --- Coloured and shaded lineart bust, single character
20 --- Fenrir--the-2nd --- Speedpaint coloured portrait
21 --- Hanna-Riikka --- Traditional bust
22 --- leonardoselbach --- Pencil bust OR waist picture
23 --- Lilith-the-5th --- Coloured chibi full body, single character
24 --- Fenrir--the-2nd --- Comic style lineart B&W bust
25 --- Lilith-the-5th --- Alchemy sketch
26 --- Fenrir--the-2nd --- Comic style lineart B&W portrait
27 --- Lilith-the-5th --- Alchemy sketch

28 --- Lilith-the-5th 1 Month Premium Membership OR Equivalent in points (400:points:)
29 --- Lilith-the-5th 1 Month Premium Membership OR Equivalent in points (400:points:)
30 --- Lilith-the-5th 1 Month Premium Membership OR Equivalent in points (400:points:)

Also, soulgundam kindly offered a small giveaway for the artists/ donors only, revealed in a few time. :aww:

So? Isn't it appealing?:la: Joining is very easy- for rules and terms read here below! :dance:

In this moment I'm not accepting more donors. This is the first experience with this kind of big project and I want to make sure I can manage all of them first. Though it'd be great having additional prizes, and it's greatly appreciated having you interested in this project, for this time I'll have to pass.
Next time I could accept more prizes, and having a trustworthy friend of mine managing the event with me, we'll make a even bigger event! :)

    Giveaway Rules! -CLOSED

Please read very carefully!

:bulletpurple:To join the giveaway, you have to:
1- Fave this journal;
2- Make a journal or a poll about this giveaway with the link to this journal;
3- Comment on this journal with the link of your ad.

Winners will be selected on the 23th of December!!
The prizes will most likely be finished during the Christmas holidays.

:bulletpurple:Terms and additional rules:
-Only one entry per person.
-Only one prize per person.
-:new: FOR DEACTIVATED OR BANNED ACCOUNT- if one of them gets picked, I'll immediately select another winner.
-Winners will be selected with I will select the prizes with this order: the first winner will get the first prize, the second winner the second, etc.
-You have to be active on dA, fake accounts won't be accepted.
-You don't have to watch me or any of the artists features, you're not obliged. BUT if you like something, check out the artists' gallery and fave/ watch them, we'd love to have you onboard! :D
-Don't make preferences between the artists, and ask for someone else's prize. Remember to respect your artist, he/she is offering you a picture for free- such harassments will determine the loss of the prize, which will be passed to another newly selected winner.
-Don't take advantage of your artist asking more than what he/she offers. Such actions will also the loss of the prize, which will be passed to another newly selected winner.
-Don't pretend the artist didn't make the picture for you. I'll keep in touch with them, I'll find out:XD:
-In case your artist doesn't answer or collaborate, contact me. We'll fix things all together.

    Artworks from the Donors :heart:

In this little space I'll feature all the wonderful donors who kindly accepted to help me with this giveaway. Thank you everyone!:glomp:

Beautiful illustrations, gorgeous watercolour and pencil pictures. Beautiful eyes and colours.
Happy Halloween (Inktober 4) by xiii-wingsStars in her eyes by xiii-wingsTeam Free Will by xiii-wings

Illustration with superbe use of light. Very talented with humans, anthros and ferals. Her commission info here!
Fire and Fury by Aurora-SilverTrust me... by Aurora-SilverGuardians by Aurora-Silver

Elegant, charming and versatile manga style. Great with colours and B&W manga pages.
PayPal Commission: Floraiji30 by CuBurCOM: Kokoah and Daisuke by CuBur.. War in Me .. by CuBur

Charming character illustrations, both in manga and semi-realistic style. Her commissions are open with special sales! Her info here!
-Dee Portrait Sketch- by DeeRazzyCommission 4 Supersonic3 9 by DeeRazzyDee -Finished- by DeeRazzy

Beautiful dragons and creature designs, very rich and refined in colours and details. Her commission info here!
New Beginning by DelusionalPuffballMecha Horse (Transparent Background) by DelusionalPuffballAracelis is one fabulous mofo by DelusionalPuffball

Cute and sweet illustrations of humans and animals in manga style. Pencils and digital colouring.
Hyla color ref by SerenityAmeAkira by SerenityAmeAT Noah by SerenityAme

Very colourful, cute and adorable illustrations in manga style. Greatly detailed and rich. Currently on hiatus, opening commissions soon! His info here!
MoE : Ion In The MoE-Land by GhimeoptaReq : Loly by GhimeoptaCont : Jump with Rainbow by Ghimeopta

Touching, sweet stories and wonderful illustratons in traditional and digital, great with handmade crafts too. Her commission info here!
A Short Children's Story: The First Snow by Hanna-RiikkaA Short Children's Story: Apples! by Hanna-RiikkaCommission: Cartoon meme pictures for Rayne Hall 2 by Hanna-Riikka

Lovely illustrations, cool, fascinating or cute, both digital and traditional. Soon starting in commissions!
Optic Blast, mthfck by leonardoselbachLady in red by leonardoselbachPanda attack by leonardoselbach

Fascinating and impressive pictures, with great atmosphere, in digital, traditional and mixed medias.
Bjorg by Varian-JacksonThe City Is On Fire And We Don't Even Care by Varian-JacksonCold Stroll by Varian-Jackson

Makes lovely colourings of linearts, gorgeous wallpapers, fan fictions and drawings.
Hinata-and-Naruto by Rayne430Kuroko by Rayne430Finally.... by Rayne430

Elegant style, rich of details and emotions in dark and bright illustrations both. Her commission info here!
Commission : Tea for Two by SorellienaAutumn child by SorellienaBonded by Sorelliena

Wonderful illustrations and comics, cute, dark and with lovely sense of humor. His commission info here!
dwarf n dog by Fenrir--the-2ndcleaner by Fenrir--the-2nd

Lovely semi-realistic style and interesting, fascinating characters. She's hosting a contest! Read here for info!
Aiden by strxbeHappy Valentine's Day by strxbeLevian by strxbe

    Who joined so far? -CLOSED

The complete list of the people who joined so far, with their numbers :D
1-:iconspadiekitchenqueen:   2-:iconvekkat:   3-:icondibear:   4-:iconkimmypeaches:   5-:iconsapphireangelbunny:  
6-:iconfelixuta:   7-:iconbrownblurry:   8-:iconkisaraelelementum:   9- :icontheuntouchedremedy:  10-:iconixgal97:  
11-:iconcyaf:   12-:iconbeigeroni:   13-:iconrodobagheaddn:   14-:iconechodus:   15-:iconnotarized:  
16-:icongreenleaf1075:  17-:iconmakipocky:   18-:icontruthdawnsinfire:   19-:iconstrxbe:   20-:iconmizae:
21-:iconbeelzezlover:   22-:iconvyriae:   23-:icontaytaykudo:   24-:iconyoru-vampire:   25-:iconhanna-riikka:
26-:iconshironaii:   27-:iconsaqe:   28-:iconmalesx:   29-:iconsand-the-hedgehog-64:   30-:iconflamingphoenixfox: 
31-:iconbiological-solutions:   32-:iconralola:   33-:iconwolvesponiesohmy:   34-:iconi-nstrument:   35-:iconcharactertamersteph:
36-:iconnikkiparx019:   37-:iconautumn-writer:   38-:iconmokatheshibething:   39-:icondraco-flight:   40-:iconburn-teh-wolfeh:
41-:iconbamboosmackx3:   42-:iconr5i5o:   43-:iconletsgofar:   44-:icon9000kingofsorrow:   45-:iconlil-hawk:  
46-:iconsylviene:   47-:iconrarasavitri:   48-:iconmy-little-ponyfan:   49-:iconsmudgeful-thinking:   50-:iconmirage-moonlight:
51-:iconnoiizu:   52-:iconizukun:   53-:iconcommanderhomo:   54-:iconleonardoselbach:   55-:iconclovis-thecutestcat:
56-:icontheunknownartist96:   57-:iconcomenozes:   58-:iconhikariyouta:   59-:iconsnowleopardsixtus:   60-:iconfenrir--the-2nd:
61-:iconbirdhouseiys:   62-:iconshroomsta:   63-:iconkortari:   64-:iconmiitee:   65-:iconabissh:
66-:iconelizia-theillegalgod:   67-:iconbubblefox93:   68-:iconnedapl:   69-:iconcrystal-venice:   70-:iconhappytrail:
71-:iconimaginaricide:   72-:iconcaptainmisuzu:   73-:iconmelananime:   74-:iconaerozerx:   75-:iconcinnamongirljet:
76-:iconrayne430:   77-:iconbloodxjester:   78-:iconcuddleskitty:   79-:iconsuperdemon-inuyasha:   80-:iconroar332:
81-:iconazuriin:   82-:iconcrescentmoonmage:   83-:iconrainbowdolphinneo:   84-:iconlainegs:   85-:iconadamant-soldier:
86-:icondariadaz:   87-:iconpandatj:   88-:iconsendiart:   89-:iconpharaohdjoser:   90-:iconnagayuu:
91-:iconerleuchtete:   92-:iconnigarushka:   93-:iconevilpaw:   94-:iconbunnyvoid:   95-:iconwhirlwind002:
96-:iconblossom-lullabies:   97-:iconkristix:   98-:iconcarusimahikura:   99-:iconmidnightmoonkid:   100-:iconaureitygonoph:
101-:iconminiezebra:   102-:iconporcelain-nightmares:   103-:iconlelixiana:   104-:icondrawmeadream:   105-:icongrimranger:
106-:iconcaptainamerica77:   107-:iconsplder-queen:   108-:iconxhelyx:   109-:iconahyami:   110-:iconthe-supreme-overlord:
111-:iconsorelliena:   112-:iconvivacia18:   113-:iconyupmynameisemily:   114-:iconegrojamg:   115-:iconfresh002:
116-:iconddf567g:   117-:iconstaratsky:   118-:iconyuki-bunni:   119-:iconzombiekinz:   120-:iconalmostanything64:
121-:iconhero-100:   122-:iconrezateitaka:   123-:iconhallowolf:   124-:icondoctorwhooves107:   125-:iconcristianaleone:
126-:iconangellale87:   127-:iconseigyoku-wolf:   128-:iconreji-tsukoiyo:   129-:iconjadeeclypsedesigns:   130-:iconmangastar66:
131-:iconxisanamizxc:   132-:iconmikizxc:   133-:iconraisloversakura:   134-:iconyumikosakurane:   135-:iconangelamigotfriends:
136-:iconxxmessijessixx:   137-:iconzwante:   138-:icondanila-san:   139-:iconbroken-friendship:   140-:iconstrawberrydreamz:
141-:iconwingedmelody92:   142-:iconshinjuuki:   143-:icontrutoself:   144-:iconowlivia:   145-:iconmizuchii:
146-:iconozeisoul:   147-:iconzugaiichi:   148-:icondarkphoenix19:   149-:iconhunters-n-cheekbones:   150-:iconk-ibun:
151-:iconjingle101:   152-:iconsimiod:   153-:iconshadow-ninja-hound:   154-:iconthegreatflyingretard:   155-:iconkawaiimidnight:
156-:iconserenityame:   157-:icontaiyokochan:   158-:iconthaikiuchiha:   159-:iconimmortalrae:   160-:iconequestrian-equine:
161-:iconpiaowsek:   162-:icongnewi:   163-:iconqiaros:   164-:iconzeldaeevee:   165-:iconkeytaro:
166-:iconvaniaelee:   167-:iconjigoku-kara-akuma:   168-:iconsilver-spoonerz:   169-:icondeamon451:   170-:iconmohammadnour:
171-:icondeathfanzero:   172-:icondesi-doll:   173-:icontwitterlu:   174-:iconriekachuthepony:   175-:iconblood-redrose:
176-:iconhiiragiblade12:   177-:iconraishooter:   178-:iconkage-niji:   179-:iconanyazalia:   180-:iconreginyralunasky:
181-:iconpuppetpatrolmayhem:   182-:iconbadtouchtriomiyazaki:   183-:iconsjart117:   184-:iconairidesi:   185-:iconrogueshadowangel:
186-:iconeditetw:   187-:iconfire-tiger99:   188-:iconraindashed:   189-:iconcutiebunny1:   190-:iconryuu-ou:
191-:iconderaii:   192-:iconkurapika404:   193-:iconruubixcube:   194-:icontamaneko-i-b:   195-:iconforeveralone08:
196-:iconameneko98:   197-:iconxsuncandyx:   198-:iconsporks-and-knives:   199-:iconcolourwatcher:   200-:iconx-sunnymoon:
201-:iconbluemist-riverclan:   202-:iconwerewolfptstudios:   203-:iconruuk-ve:   204-:iconjessabellawood:   205-:iconbluecoffeewolf:
206-:iconfatlittleseal:   207-:iconevie2001:   208-:iconflufftehkitty:   209-:iconeternity-ghost-girl:   210-:icontsukiiyo:
211-:iconsho-kun:   212-:iconzaykova-does-art:   213-:iconkikufire:   214-:iconavinaskye:   215-:iconladyjuxtaposition:
216-:iconitiggy:   217-:iconiamirken-k:   218-:iconglitterquark:   219-:iconneonanimelover:   220-:iconsbstratos79:
221-:iconisikainova:   222-:iconyurikitten:   223-:iconcurulin:   224-:iconjigoku-rui-chan:   225-:icontannywantan:
226-:iconthief-noctis:   227-:iconshadow-bahar:   228-:iconfluffy-bearr:   229-:iconnic-chii:   230-:icondeprivedly:
231-:icondeerazzy:   232-:iconaspie4life:   233-:iconedendari:   234-:iconchiarire:   235-:iconkimidoll:
236-:icontriggerfool:   237-:iconmariasol92:   238-:iconginichimarufg:   239-:iconcelestial-blackrose:   240-:icons3npal:
241-:iconbrucebannerfangirl:   242-:iconsapphiredragon927:   243-:iconwho-watches-fate:   244-:iconmocha-bean:   245-:iconraven--feather:
246-:iconkinoasagi:   247-:iconwalk-the-floor:   248-:iconnyancat428:   249-:icontophlee:   250-:iconlolli-kitten:
251-:iconilovewolves05:   252-:iconhello-icarus:   253-:iconkaching12:   254-:icondrawlessartist:   255-:iconninathefox243:
256-:iconthat1megaleafan:   257-:iconmiukitty:   258-:icondemoniccarnival:   259-:iconkinaaaaa:   260-:iconclawsofscorge:
261-:iconheavenlightyukiko:   262-:iconloveyoucry:   263-:iconohsquishy:   264-:icone-lec-tric:   265-:iconmilkcrown:
266-:iconkanonno23:   267-:iconcaipryss:   268-:iconambitioussneakyproud:   269-:icondahanci:   270-:iconleokayla:
271-:iconkimmypeaches:   272-:icondarkearth2345:   273-:iconxoraxiii:   274-:iconnahnum:   275-:iconsweetdream87:
276-:iconcarisabel:   277-:iconnekochii911:   278-:iconmusic3freak:  279-:iconkaioshinfan:   280-:iconmissbutterfly11:
281-:iconms-regionnaire:   282-:icononikage108:   283-:iconessenceofwhimsy:   284-:iconlilybreeze12:   285-:iconleilansdream:
286-:iconczhart:   287-:iconpixel-the-dragon:   288-:iconryuhia:   289-:iconsemantot:   290-:iconkadajo:
291-:iconuki-rose:   292-:iconcasey-coo:   293-:iconccfirebloom:   294-:icontristen124:   295-:icondanadani:
296-:iconbri-sama14:   297-:iconjasbrina:   298-:iconpasuterudayo:   299-:iconzerofinite:   300-:iconharuka28:
301- SatraThai   302- mizuchii   303- xxyuikoxxyamazakixx   304- katieforee   305- SBanana
306- HinaMoe   307- h0ldm4litfupny
(I think I've reached the limit for icons xD)

    Final thanks

I thank kindly everyone who supported me, both with words and with their presence in this project. You're very precious and this project wouldn't be the same without you. I hope this'll be a wonderful experience for you and will find some new followers and friends!
I'm also very grateful to those who currently are external to the project, but also encouraged me and supported me. I hope I won't let you down :D
Last but not least, I thank everyone who'll read and share this journal joining the giveaway. You're making it happen and it's just wonderful! I hope you'll love your prize and will find new, interesting artists to follow here!

always do what you like,even if sometimes it may be difficult.
believe in yourself,believe in your dreams.this is the formula of happiness.
never stop dreaming...

All my artwork is Copyright (c) 2008 - 2013 Lilith-the-5th .
All rights reserved.
All the materials contained in my deviantART gallery may not
be reproduced, copied, tubed, edited, published, transmitted
or uploaded in any way without my written permission.

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Nigarushka Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
when will you tell us the prizes?
Lilith-the-5th Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
The prizes are here in the journsl (the list) and the winners have been announced in my latest journal :)
Nigarushka Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can you link it plz?
Lilith-the-5th Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Here it is:
h0ldm4litfupny Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist thx uuu <333333
Lilith-the-5th Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
You're a bit late, but I'm adding you because I know you had faved the giveaway a few weeks ago :D
You're in with number 307, good luck! ^^
Kadajo Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013   Traditional Artist
We are the 23th =D *can't wait to see the result*
Lilith-the-5th Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Yess :la: I'm waiting until midnight and then I'll publish the results! I'm so excited! :love:
HinaMoe Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
im done i hope its still on…
Lilith-the-5th Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I'm accepting until midnight, so you're in!:love:
You're number 306, good luck! :D
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